The Isthmian Football League

Covid-19, Guidance and Risk Assessment – Click Here

Covid-19 – Guidance and Risk Assessment


Before the Match
If you have any of the following signs – a High temperature, a new and continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, you should stay at home, isolate immediately, and arrange for Coronavirus test.Please do not travel to the match.

Car Parking
After parking your vehicle or returning to your vehicle to leave. Please practice social distancing at all times as per Government guidelines.

Ground Entry
Please use the Turnstile – All supporters, Players Entrance – Players, Club Official’s, Staff and Volunteers.

Turnstile Entry
Please maintain social distancing while queuing. Cash payments are accepted; if possible please have the correct amount.

Exiting the Turnstile
Proceed to the sanitizing station, enter your name and telephone number for Track and Trace on the form provided, then use the hand sanitizer and make your way into the ground. The Track and Trace forms will be kept for a minimum of 21days after the date of the match.

Using the Toilets
The Club House Toilets are closed, so please use the outside Toilets, which are positioned to the left of the Clubhouse. If queuing, please observe social distancing. All Toilets should be used by a maximum of two people at any one time, please observe a one in one out system at all times. Wash hands or Sanitizer before leaving and make sure that all used handtowels are placed in the closed top bin provided.

Food and Drink
If purchasing food or drink from the hatch at the end of the Clubhouse, please observe social distancing using the yellow marks provided while queuing.

Drinks from the Clubhouse
Please use the one-way system markers when using the Bar. If queuing please observe social distancing using the floor markers. Exit via the door at back left-hand side of the Clubhouse as marked.

Watching the Match
Please observe social distancing at all times as per the Government guidelines, family groups and bubbles can stand together.

Exiting the Ground
Please leave the ground via the Emergency Exit, which is next to the changing rooms. As you leave please use the hand sanitizer at the Sanitizing Station. Turn to the right and walk towards the gate at the far end of the pitches and Exit into the Car Park.

Players, Officials and Staff

Before the Match
If you have any signs of a cold, sore throat, temperature or loss of taste or smell, you should isolate immediately and not travel to the match.

Players, Team Officials and Staff
Please enter the ground via the Players Entrance.

Changing Rooms
All Coggeshall Town Management, Players, and Coaches, will have their temperatures taken and recorded, along with their name and telephone number on the Track and Trace form. The Management, Coaches and Playing staff should also be made aware of and observe the F.A. Guidelines, the Government Guidelines for social distancing and hygiene.

Pre-Match briefing
The pre-match briefing with the officials should be held at a suitable location, outside of the referee’s room.

Players entering the field of play
Players should adhere to social distance where possible. There will be no pre-match handshake.

Technical Area
Substitutes should stay clear of the Technical Area and keep to social distancing guidelines.

Match ending
Players, Management and Coaches should leave the field of play, go straight to the changing room and sanitize their hands on leaving.


Club Management, Staff and Volunteers

Please enter the ground via the Players Entrance.  The Management, Staff and Volunteers will have their temperatures taken and recorded, along with their name and telephone number on the Track and Trace form,

The turnstile operator will be supplied with PPE equipment and a plastic screen.

Bar and Serving Hatch staff will be supplied with the necessary PPE equipment and will be cleaning surfaces down at regular intervals.

Physiotherapists will be supplied with all the necessary First Aid requirements and PPE.

All other staff and Volunteers should observe social distancing and hygiene requirements as per the Government guidelines.


Track and Trace

Coggeshall Town will be using the emailed pre-match confirmation, listing the opposition club officials that are attending the game, and their team sheet listing all players and coaching staff,  the clubs own track and trace forms along with the supporters track and trace forms as a record of all those attending the match.

This Track and Trace information will be kept for a minimum of 21 days from the match date.

Author: Peter Smith
Date Created: 23/08/2020
Review Date: 22/11/2020
Review Undertaken: Suzy Wade
Covid Officer named: Peter Smith